LIC Policy Status

We have seen LIC customers asking how to check my LIC policy status online and how to register in LIC India site?

There are two ways to check the same. Either you can register your policy online and check status or you can get details through SMS.

LIC Policy Status Online

To get your LIC policy status by policy number online, you simply need to register at LIC customer portal. Register your policy at LIC official site to view all the policy premiums and other details of lic policy. If you have got the policy bond, you can register at and can check your policy status. Here are the steps to register at LIC site:

Step # 1:

Visit and you will find form below:


LIC Registration


1. Fill the policy number in form given in your bond paper.

2. Fill the policy premium including riders if any.

3. Put your date of birth: Either choose from calendar or write in dd/mm/yyyy format.

4. Put your email address on which you will receive welcome mail from LIC later on completion of registration.

On submission of form you will be redirected to new window asking to choose password with 8 or more digits and at least 1 numeric character. Input suitable password and you are done with registration.

One successful registration, you can login into customer portal at to view your policy details like LIC payment details, next due date, premium paid etc.

Trouble Shooting & Example:

If you see “Wrong data entered” error page, make sure that the policy number, premium amount, date of birth and email id are well in format and correct.

For Example my policy number is 123456789 , premium is 1021 including riders, date of birth is 20-July-1985 and email Id is then form filling format will be:

lic policy registration

Generally LIC takes 30 to 45 days to update your policy details in online database. If the error still persists, it may because your policy information has not been updated in LIC database yet. You may also check status from direct branch enquiry.

LIC Policy Status through SMS

To get individual policy status you need to type following in your mobile SMS text editor:


and Send it to 56677

Abbreviation used:

Premium – installment premium under policy
Revival – If policy is lapsed, Revival amount payable
Bonus – Amount of Bonus vested
Loan – Amount available as Loan
NOM – Details of Nomination

For example my policy no is 123456789 and I want to get name of the nominee for the policy

Type: ’ASKLIC 123456789 NOM’ and send it to 56677

Policy Status on SMS for Pension Policies:

To get Annuity plan status you need to type following in your mobile SMS text editor:


and Send it to 56677

Abbreviation used:
a) IPP Policy Status, (STAT)
b) Existence Certificate Due, (ECDUE)
c) Last Annuity Released Date, (ANNPD)
d) Annuity Payment thru (CHQ/ECS/NEFT) (PDTHRU)
e) Annuity Amount (AMOUNT)
f) Cheque Return Information (CHQRET)

and you will receive the details on your mobile shortly.